Arctic Char

I started getting seafood from a local guy who picks up seafood from the fishing boat and delivers to workplaces. The business is called hometown seafood (  The freshness of these is incredible. When I saw artic char is available, I decided I must try it. The color and texture of this dish is built around the fish in consideration of the spring time, the fish is sous vide cooked and the seasoned with cracked coriander seeds and citrus flake salt, paired with flavors of celeriac, green apple, dragon fruit and lemon, crisped fish skin adds the crunch factor.



Arctic char fillet with skin

For the celeriac and green apple puree: celariac 1lbs, half a green apple, 1 table spoon butter, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 3/4 cup half and half cream

For the lemon ice: juice of 1 lemon

Garnishes: marigold petals, carnation petals, day lily petals, baby parsley greens



Make the lemon ice ahead: juice 1 lemon, put in a small  container, freeze overnight.

Celeraic and green apple puree: skin and cut the celeriac and green apples into 1/4 pieces or smaller, add to the cream and bring to boil, lower heat to simmer for 30 to 40min. Drain off the cream, the puree the solid, add the cream into the blender as needed to adjust consistency of the puree. Add the salt and butter and blend until smooth. Chill in ice bath.

Arctic char: preheat sous vide circulator to 50C, remove remnant bones in the fillet with tweezers, portion into serving sizes, vacuum pack, cook in the sous vide bath for 15min (1/2 inch fillet, 1inch fillet needs 30min). Take fish out of the bags, carefully remove skin without damage to the flesh.  Season the fish with citrus flake salt and crushed coriander seeds.



Fish skin crumble: heat 1 table spoon of butter in medium low heat, add the fish skin, sprinke with salt and lemon juice, let it slowly dry until crispy, adjust heat so the skin does not burn. this takes about 5 to 8min. Pat try with paper towel, and let it cool at room temperature.

Cut the dragon fruit into discs of 1 inch thickness, punch out cylinders with pastry cutter

Cut the remaining half green apple into matchsticks of 1/8 inch thick 2 inches long

To plate: spoon the puree, add the fillet on top, arrange pieces of the fish skin crumble around, arrange the green apple matchsticks on top of the fish, arrange the dragon fruit cylinders around the fish, scratch the frozen lemon juice with a fork to obtain lemon snow, top the dragon fruit with the lemon ice, garnish the plate with baby parsley and the flower petals.



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