Roast duck tranche

Spring seems to have finally arrived in New England.  I wanted celebrate it with some colors. In this dish of colors, roast duck is cut into bite size and each bite is paired with a different puree.


Roast duck: duck breast, a 1:1:1:1 mixture of ground sichuan pepper corn, fennel seeds, coriandder and dried lavender flower, sea salt, lavender honey

Orange puree: 2 large oranges, 1/4 cup sugar, a cheese cloth sachet of 1/2 tea spoon fennel seed, 1/2 tea spoon coriander seeds, 1 tea spoon salt

Hibiscus flower puree: see recipe at

Sugar snap pea puree: 1lbs of sugar snap pea, 1 teaspoon salt


Roast duck breast: preheat oven to 400F, trim the excessive fat off the duck breast,  pat dry with paper towel,sprinkle the skin generously with salt, place in a heavy oven safe skillet, turn heat on to medium high, once a lot fat renders out and skin looks golden brown, turn off heat, flip over so skin side is up, season generously with the spice mix, and coat the duck with lavender honey. Flip so skin side is down again, heat in the oven for 8 to 12 minutes. Take out of the oven, let rest 5min, then punch out small circular bite sizes with pastry cutter.


Orange puree: remove top and bottom parts of the oranges, cut each into 8 pieces with the rind on, heat 1 cup of water to boil, put in the sachet, the sugar, and the oranges, let simmer for 30min until the liquid in the pan evaporates down to about 1/4 cup. Take out the sachet and puree it in a blender until smooth, add the salt while blending. You may need add more water if it is too thick to blend.

Sugar snap peas puree: trim and blanch the peas in salted water for 5min. Chill in icy water, and blend until smooth, you may need to add water for the blending to work.


Salt the duck breasts cutout, then plate with the 3 purees.


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