Bone marrow salad

Growing up in the mountains in China, I learned the use of food source must be maximized to minimize waste:  people eat every part of the animals they butcher, excluding furs and bones. Marrow hidden inside bones is also regarded as delicacy.

There are these restaurant the only serve big bones that contain large chunks of marrows. They bring out a big caldron (3 feet wide) full of big bones in a broth- dinners are supposed to suck out the morrows with a big straw and cook veges in the broth. It is similar to what David Chang calls a large format meal like what Momofuku Saam serves. My favorite bone marrow restaurants serves these with unlimited soft drinks, so we (me+ roommates, all 7 of them) used to go there to suck on the marrows while drinking gallons of soft drinks. While I don’t think I can drink gallons of Coca Cola anymore, the memory of eating the marrows sticks forever.



1 large piece of shank bone with the morrow

1 cup of baby clover greens

1 table spoon raw pine nuts

1 inch piece of crystallized ginger cut into 1/8 inch cubes

1 fresh lemon to squeeze juice

1 pinch of fleur de sel and Pitment d’Espelette


For the marrow: Preheat oven to 400F, put the bone is heavy pan and roast for 30min. Let it cool down, carefully take the marrow out by inserting a thin blade at the marrow/bone interface and scraping along the surface of the bone, this makes sure the marrow comes out in one large piece.  Slice it half inch thick, keep warm for serving.


For the pine nuts: heat the pan with the rendered marrow fat to medium heat, add the pine nuts to toast for 2 to 3 minutes until golden brown.

For the baby greens: wash and chill in icy water, dry in salad spinner, dress with a few squeezes of lemon, olive oil and fleur de sel.


To plate: lay the baby greens down as a foundation, season the marrow slices with fleur de sel and Pitment d’Espelette, place on top of the greens, sprinkle with the pine nuts and pieces of crystallized ginger.

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