Maine Oyster Trio

Maine Oyster Trio served over chilled Hawaiian black lava salt: (right to left) green apple jelly with Siberian sturgeon caviar, lemon grass chaud froid, and pickled asian pear


Oysters are one of my favorite food to eat- that velvety texture taste like a gentle kiss from the ocean! The first time I tried them was at Swan Oyster Depot at Nob Hill, San Francisco. I like the oysters very much, but did not care for the cocktail sauce. To me food this magical calls for more appreciative preparation. So here we go:


3 Maine oysters, shucked, juice drained and reserved.

1 teaspoon of Siberian sturgeon caviar (this is the bank breaker in this recipe)

for the green apple jelly: juice of 1 green apple, 1/3 oz lemon juice, 1/2 table spoon wasabi from tube, 1 sheet of gelatin (100 bloom, softened in ice chilled water)

for the lemon grass chaud froid: 1 cup chicken stock, 1 lemon grass stalk chopped, 1/2 cup heavy cream, 2 table spoon Crème fraîche, 1/2 sheet gelatin (100 bloom, softened in ice chilled water), 3 table spoon Sprite, fresh ground white pepper and pinch of fleur de sel.

for the pickled asian pear: 1 asian pear diced into 1/8 inch cubes, 1 cup water, 1/2 cup rice wine vinegar, 6 table spoon cane sugar, peeled skin from 4 red radishes, 3 teaspoon sea salt

for the garnishes: carrots of assorted color and cut into pieces at will


Step 0: put the Hawaiian black lava salt in the freezer the night before, or place out of the window if you live in Boston or Siberia

Step 1: pickled asian pear. bring water to boil, dissolve the brown sugar and salt, turn off heat, add vinegar, and the rest of the ingredients, turn off heat, chill in fridge. before plating, take out the pear pieces and soak in the oyster juice

Step 2: make green apple jelly by blending all ingredients, refrigerate

Step 3:  lemon grass chaud froid. Boil stock, blanch the carrot garnishes in stock for 30s and chill with ice water.  Reduce the stock by half, add lemon grass and turn off heat and cover, steep for 15min. Strain through cheese cloth, add heavy cream, reduce by half again. Turn off heat, add gelatin, blend with immersion blender, let cool in fridge for about 20min, when cold add sprite, blend until smooth, season with white pepper and fleur de sel. Use this as soon as possible to prevent the sprite from loosing all its bubbles, which is why this is prepared last. DSC01008

Plate, garnish with carrot pieces and serve. Why serve over chilled salt: although the specific heat is not quite as high as ice, it does provide long enough chills to keep the oyster cool for the duration it normally takes to eat the oysters, plus it does not melt; another benefit, if you finger catches a bit of the black salt from grabbing the shells, make sure to lick it for the flavor of this special salt!

Hmm, I am ready for my 3 kisses from the ocean! Are you?!

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