Spring carrot salad

It is not quite spring yet, but eagerness and anticipation of the warm weather is in the air. That is the spirit this super easy carrot dish is celebrating!

The inspiration comes from planting carrots with my parents early in spring during my childhood. When you plough the just awakened soil, an earthy and intoxicating aroma is released, which is an essence that these early spring carrots have in them.

DSC00982The recipe: probably one of the easiest ever.

Step 1: make fresh chicken stock

Step 2: cut carrot into thin discs

Step 3: boil stock, cook carrot discs in boiling stock for 30s, immediately chill in icy water, store in damp paper towel

Step 4: wash baby wasabi greens, squeeze some meyer lemon juice, drizzle with olive oil, season with fleur de sel

Step 5: plate whatever way you like with caviar

Notice there is no seasoning at all for the carrots, that is because the saltiness of the caviar brings in just the right amount.

Hmm, I do taste spring now!


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